The £35 subscription service you sign up for how ever you choose to pay!

justfab.co.uk - selling woman’s shoes, handbags and denim is a subscription based company offering “handpicked items based on your personal style”. But they say there is a “Pay as you go” option which there is but these are only words you still get signed up to the subscription service and charged more for your order!

The issue

It does not seem to matter which membership option you choose justfab.co.uk are going to try and setup a recurring payment anyway! You get no reminder each month to opt out of and have only between 1st and 5th of each month to opt out for that month. This practice known as "Negative option marketing" is illegal in lots of countries.

Signup Comparison

1. Signup as VIP

2. Top right hand corner says about £35 but not very clear and by continuing your agreeing there is no "Are you sure?".

3. Note in the source code it's going to be a RECURRING contract

1. Signup as Pay as you go

2. Look top right your signing up as a VIP member!

3. Look at the source again and you have subscribed!

Payment Processor

They use adyen for processing payments (Or you can use paypal). In the manual for adyen it shows there are 3 options to use when setting up "regular payments" but justfab uses the RECURRING one each time!

Check the manual yourself


You have a LEGAL RIGHT to have payments cancelled. Even if companies refuse, banks MUST cancel them for you. See Cancelling recurring payments


Have you had a refund? Email and let us know.

Contact Details

2nd Floor
201 Haverstock Hill
First Floor
33 Newman Street

Phone 0800 433 4114
Emails support@justfab.co.uk stylist@email.justfab.co.uk
Twitter JustFabUK JustFabcares
Facebook JustFabuk
Registered details for justfabUK
Known social media pages/emails of some of justfab's top people
President of justfab europe GERRIT MUELLER linkedin | facebook
CEO justfab.com Adam Goldenberg Facebook | agoldenberg@justfab.com
CEO justfab.com Don Ressler dressler@justfab.com
President and Creative director Kimora Lee Simmons

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